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The ultimate goal of Sobolance reflexology is to help you maintain a sense of harmony throughout your life not just after an in studio treatment. Practicing a simple exercise like the Sobolance Self-Balancing Method throughout the day helps to remind you of your true harmonious self. Over time you will find yourself in this peaceful space more and more til it is your default mode.   I developed the Sobolance self-balancing method as a simple technique free of superstition or lore to calm the resistance to the present moment. As with any mindful method your conscious mind will often try to discredit the validity of how a simple method can do anything to change your perspective on the situation. I only ask that you try this for at least 30 days before you give up on it. 

For best results download and print the PDF below so you can access this at any time.

The Trifecta+ Experience  includes 20 minutes of instruction in this simple Process.


Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions

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