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                Champadi Experience
          Immediate & Long Term Stress Relief 

  • Ear Reflexology with Marma Points of the head

  • Foot Reflexology with Sobolance Balancing Points & Hot Towels

  • Sobolance Auricular Self Care Instruction

                     Dana Donations Accepted*

*In eastern tradition this style of work is priceless, so any fee charged is used to cover the cost of the space not pay the facilitator. a Dana Donation may be given to the facilitator to thank them for sharing their knowledge with you, if you are so moved.

About Sobolance 

Sobolance is an ever-evolving meditative approach to stress relief based on my 30+ years of study into the various healing arts.  The Sobolance journey began one day while trying to calm a restless guest, the idea came to me to lightly hold several key points on her feet that corresponded to the Ayurvedic Chakra system. Within minutes she was in a very deep state of relaxation. Over the next several years, this simple technique developed into a full-fledged system of stress relief consisting of two complimentary treatments: Sobolance Reflexology and the Sobolance 3,2,1 Peace Meditation technique. Together, or separately, they synergistically work to bring lasting health and harmony. 

Sobolance Reflexology                                                                                               

  Sobolance Reflexology is different from many other forms of reflexology in that it’s a  blend of gentle static pressure and traditional inchworm movements on the hands, feet and head. Another unique feature of Sobolance is its goal of stilling inner resistance to the present experience. It is in the absence of this resistance that your body and mind relaxes into homeostasis (balance) and your personal path to health and joy becomes clearer.  

3,2,1 Peace Meditation Technique 

 Sobolance is a self-care system at heart. You are ultimately the driving force in the success of your experience. The best self-care method I have found is meditation.  I have distilled my 22 years of meditation experience into a simple meditation technique that anyone can learn.  Practicing this technique for just a few minutes at a time several times daily helps to give you lasting peace.                                                                                          

Don't be fooled by the brevity of the information contained here about these treatments. I could go on for hours about the theory behind this unique work, but the best way to understand the profound nature of the Sobolance experience is to experience it for yourself. So, go ahead and give yourself or someone you love, a little vacation from stress. I promise you won’t regret it!                                                          

                                                   Hope to see you soon, 


 Sobolance Experiences

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I am not a doctor nor do I portray one on TV. All Sobolance experiences are of relaxation/stress relief nature and not meant to replace medical treatment. Please consult your medical professional before making any changes in you health care.