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Sobolance is a meditative, reflexology-based system of stress relief experiences that calms the resistance to being fully present. When this resistance is cleared, even for a few moments, the path to peace and joy is made clearer. Over time, Sobolance experiences combined with a personal awareness practice, can help you to permanently balance life's stressors leading to improved physical health and mental wellbeing .  This work is a distillation of my over 30 years of study into  holistic wellness systems  from around the world. 

Every Sobolance experience is created on the following principles:

                            1. Simple in nature, free from unnecessary steps, beliefs or products.

                           2. Subtle in  presentation, always maintaining a balance between comfort and effectiveness.

                           3.  Sublime in results, effects should be felt immediately and in the future.


Don't be fooled by the brevity of the information contained here about these treatments. I could go on for hours about the theory behind this unique work, but the best way to understand the profound nature of the Sobolance experience is to experience it for yourself. So, go ahead and give yourself or someone you love, a little vacation from stress. I promise you won’t regret it!                                                          

                                                                            Hope to see you soon, 


Be Sure to try  the S.A.M selfcare technique for immediate stress relief till you can in for an in person experience.

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Give the gift of Peace 

Sobolance Gift Vouchers

 No need to leave the comfort of your home to give the gift of peace this season. Quickly and easily order gift vouchers online 24/7 365. You can choose from specific experiences or any dollar amount above $10.00.   There are several delivery options including emailing the voucher to the recipient.

To begin the process scroll down to the buy voucher section and make your choice.   If you would like more in depth descriptions of the experiences see the experience menu.


Feel free to send an email from the contact page if you have any questions. 



Featured Experience  #1 Guest Choice

Sobolance Trifecta Reflexology Experience  $50

75 Minutes

This experience is the distillation of my life's work. For over 30 years I have been searching for the perfect natural treatment to ease pain and suffering. The trifecta experience is a synergistic blend of hand, foot and head reflexology with various other energy balancing treatments that seek to quiet your inner resistance and invoke a sense of deep stillness. It is in this stillness that stress is released and you can more clearly see your next steps.. Did I mention the warm towels on the hands and feet? Many guests report feeling as though a weight has been lifted at the end of the experience.



Why give a Sobolance Reflexology Gift Voucher?


     From the moment you book your experience I am working to bring about the perfect experience.


     Being a one man operation, I bring my 27+ years full time experience in the field to your experience. You are never         stuck with an inexperienced technician like some other places.


     Some of the lowest prices and longest experience times in the area.


     No Cookie Cutter Experiences here. Each treatment is customized to ensure the best outcome.


    Cozy,one on one experience, no cold dressing rooms or rude receptionists.


     Order online 24/7/365. 

     You have 3 options for delivery: 

          Email the voucher directly to the recipient

          Email the voucher to you to print out and  wrap as you please

          With advanced notice, you can pick up a gift wrapped voucher on your next visit.

Support an independent business

     All money stays in the community. 

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 A Simple Meditation For A More Peaceful World

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Find a comfortable spot to sit. Take a few deep breathes. Return to normal breathing, bring your attention to quietly observing your breath, Quietly repeat the above mantra 7 times. Repeat 7 more time replacing the word "you" with the word "I". Repeat 7 more time replacing the word "I" with the phrase "May all beings everywhere". Sit silently for as long as you can. Repeat this process several times during the day. Gradually add more repetitions of each phrase.


 Sobolance Experience Menu


Self care for turbulent times

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Click here for downloadable instructions

Have you ever noticed a baby trying to self-soothe? They often tug at their ears. The same goes for Children on the autism spectrum. Come to think about it many people “play” with our ears when they aren't not feeling the best. Just maybe there’s more to this simple act than you think.  Over the years I have included  ear massage in many of my treatments with great results. The more I looked around, I began to discover others who had discovered the power of ear manipulation.  One of those was Dr. Paul Nogiet, A French doctor, who created a whole system auricular therapy to treat almost every imbalance in the body. So, after months of research, I created Sobolance Auricular Method or S.A.M for short. a non-medical, self-care technique designed to aid in achieving a deep sense of peace like that of traditional meditation. Sam uses a sequence of gentle pressure points on the ear along with a simple breathing technique to redirect your attention and calm your thoughts. Practiced regularly SAM can give the same mental and physical benefits of traditional meditation.  I am so taken with S.A.M that it has practically replaced my meditation practice and I know it saved me from spiraling out of control more times than I care to count during the past 18 months

You really can’t do it wrong, I have created a a printable 2 page instruction sheet that you can download by clicking the logo above.  On your next visit I can take a few minutes and show you how to do this life changing technique, just ask. In less than 5 minutes you can shift from a fight and flight mentality to a rest and digest one.  Best of all you don’t have to take your shoes off or use any special tools  

You will want to share this with your friends..and maybe your enemies 😊




 If you feel uncomfortable waiting in the lobby or my hall, please remain in your car and text me when you arrive, I will let you in the side door by my suite.

Masks are no longer mandated in public places for fully vaccinated individuals in Indiana. Wearing a mask is up to you in the building and during your treatment.  Please be advised that if you choose to wear a mask, that to gain full benefits from certain treatments removal of your mask for shorts periods of time may be required. 

      I will continue to wear a face mask during all treatments even though I am fully vaccinated.

​​Most of all I trust that you will follow your own inner guidance and practice good citizenship.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


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I am not a doctor nor do I portray one on TV. All Sobolance experiences are of relaxation/stress relief nature and not meant to replace medical treatment. Please consult your medical professional before making any changes in you health care.