Sobolance Auricular Method or S.A.M for short is a non-medical, self-care technique designed to aid in achieving a deep sense of peace like that of traditional meditation. Sam uses a sequence of gentle pressure points on the ear along with a simple breathing technique to redirect your attention and calm your thoughts. Practiced regularly SAM can give the same mental and physical benefits of traditional meditation.


Have you ever noticed a baby trying to self soothe? They often tug at their ears. The same goes for Children on the autism spectrum. Come to think about many of us “play” with our ears when we are not feeling the best. Just maybe there’s more to this simple act than you think.  Over the years I have included a little ear massage in most treatments. With most guests the results were amazing. The more I looked around, I began to discover others who had discovered the power of ear manipulation.  One of those was Dr. Paul Nogiet, A French doctor, who created a whole system auricular therapy to treat almost every imbalance in the body. So, after months of playing around with my ears, I would like to introduce Sobolance Auricular Method or S.A.M for short. I am so taken with S.A.M that it has practically replaced my meditation practice and I know it saved me from spiraling out of control more times than I care to count during my stay at home time. 
You really can’t do it wrong, I have created a a printable 2 page instruction sheet that you can download by clicking the logo above.  On your next visit I can take a few minutes and show you how to do this life changing technique, just ask. In less than 5 minutes you can shift from a fight and flight mentality to a rest and digest one.  Best of all you don’t have to take your shoes off or use any special tools  

You will want to share this with your friends..and maybe your enemies 😊


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Click here for downloadable instructions